About Us

Who are we?

The Harvard Club of the Netherlands is a community for all Harvard alumni and those with significant Harvard affiliation of any nationality. Formed in 1987, our goal is to build a community of all Harvard alumni in the Netherlands, to assist students in the Netherlands wishing to study at Harvard, and to promote the goodwill of the University. Alumni receive regular updates with current items of interest and details on upcoming activities. We organize recurring events as well as occasional events and dinners with prominent speakers from business, government and society, and with professors or leaders visiting from Harvard. Spouses/partners and guests are welcome. Members benefit from the opportunity to meet at various functions held throughout the year where the theme is learning, inspiration and community building. Our aim is to offer unique insights and experiences that are not easily accessed elsewhere.

Mission Statement of the Harvard Club of The Netherlands

The Harvard Club aims to maximize the Harvard experience of its alumni by:

  • Promoting the Harvard name and goodwill;
  • Creating connectedness between alumni;
  • Strengthening the alumni community.

To do this, the Harvard Club:

  • Organizes events for Harvard alumni;
  • Creates volunteering network within the community;
  • Involves alumni from other higher education associations (co-hosting, attending events);
  • Maximizes the use of social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, app, website, mailings);
  • Supports the application process for prospective students.

Board Members

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