Apply to Harvard

Applying to Harvard University is a process which takes a lot of effort and time. In order to get a good understanding of the admission requirements, the Harvard Club of the Netherlands aims to provide an brief overview which should be helpful to future applicants.

First, of all for undergraduate students there are three sections which are helpful in your application towards Harvard University. These sections are; choosing the right university, admission time path new students, and filling out the application form. Secondly, there are also graduate studies offered. Thirdly, executive courses are provided at Harvard University. These programs can also be of an international character. Fourthly, there is the so-called extension school where you can follow courses online. Finally, there are summer schools in wide variety of topics throughout the world. The Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations is such an initiative. For an overview of helpful links refer to the following:

Choosing the right university

Admission calendar

Filling out the application form