HCNL Newsletter September 2017

Dear alumni and members,

We hope you had a great summer and that you are ready for a new year full of fun and interesting events!

Our first event will be a spectactular private tour of the biggest and best collection of Mondrians anywhere in the world followed by a dazzling jazz performance.

For more details, please read on. We hope you will join us!

On behalf of the HCNL Board,

Laura K. Birkman

Mondrian & Jazz Sunday 24 September

Piet Mondrian is one of the Netherlands most celebrated and influential artists. The Harvard Club of the Netherlands (HCNL) and The Netherlands Fulbright Alumni Association (NFAA) have arranged not one but two private tours of the exhibition The Discovery of Mondrian (De Ontdekking van Mondriaan).

With the biggest and best collection of Mondrians anywhere in the world, the Gemeentemuseum is in a position to illustrate every stage of the artist’s amazing career in spectacular fashion. The journey will lead participants to Amsterdam, Paris, London and New York – the great world cities where Mondrian could give free rein to his genius and make the discoveries that enabled him to revolutionize art.

Immediately following the tour, participants will have the opportunity to enjoy a live jazz performance by the New European Ensemble in the Museum Garden (Tuinzaal).

Location: Gemeentemuseum Den Haag
Address: Stadhouderslaan 41, 2517 HV Den Haag
Date: Sunday 24 September
Meeting time: 13:30 hours in the main hall (the tour starts promptly at 13:45 hours)
Costs: EUR 17,50 (or EUR 5,00 for Museum card holders)
Please RSVP and sign up here.

Annual Membership Meeting & outgoing/new board members

On Saturday 26 August, our Annual Membership Meeting took place. Some highs of our previous year were the design and launch of the new HCNL app, which was very well received, both by members and the broader Harvard community. We will present the app at the next European Leaders Meeting in October at the request of the Harvard Alumni Association. Also, the Negotiation Workshop and the Christmas dinner were so popular that we have decided to repeat both activities again this year.

We are sad to say goodbye to our outgoing board members Lara Talsma, Maja Groff and Mona Moghimi. A big thank you on behalf of the continuing HCNL board for your service to the Club! In turn, we are very happy to welcome Steffen Rimner and Edward Glushenko as new board members. Steffen obtained his PhD in History from the Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and is now working as Associate Professor at the University of Utrecht. Steffen will be our new Academic Coordinator, focusing on developing closer ties between Harvard University and the Dutch higher education sector. Edward Gluschenko (HBS OPM ’08) is the current president of the Harvard Club of Luxembourg and founder and honorary president of the Harvard Club of the Ukraine. Edward is an entrepreneur in the fields of law, investments, consulting and NGO’s. Edward will focus on the organisation of leadership dinners and joint activities between HCNL and other Harvard Clubs in Europe.

Education Fairs 28 September – 1 October

Ivy Circle’s 6th annual U.S. Undergraduate Fair will be held on Thursday 28 September from 7-9PM at the International School of Amsterdam (in Amstelveen). For more details click here.

The 2017 Go USA Education Fairs will be held on Saturday 30 September (Gemeentelijk Gymnasium Hilversum) & Sunday 1 October (American International School of Rotterdam). Fore more details click here.

HCNL Board Members will represent Harvard University at these events. We hope to see some of you there!


New social media

Please check out our new website www.harvardclub.nl. Also, you can download our free app “Harvard Club of the Netherlands” for the latest information and news about the club and our events. You can also use our app to sign up for events.

As a charitable organisation, we are dependent on your membership fee. Our membership year runs from 1 January until 31 December. Have you not paid your fee for 2017 (or 2016) yet? Please wire your fee (EUR 50 for regular members or EUR 25 for recent graduates ’15 -’17) to Harvard Club of the Netherlands NL66 TRIO 0198 487 622, stating your name and the membership year(s). For more information, see our website. Thank you!

We are recruiting new volunteers (see also above)! Are you interested in (co-)organising events, assisting with student applications, charity work or other activities? Please email: info@harvardclub.nl

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